Vinny Carpenter Welcome to my blog. I am a total Java geek that lives in Brookfield – WI (Milwaukee), making my living as an architect/developer, spending all my time with Java, J2EE, Linux, open source and the art of software development. In my spare time, when I am not in front of my computers, I spend every other minute with my other loves: My wife and daughter, books, music, guitars, gadgets, and Formula-1 racing.

In my real life, I am software architect at a Investment Management company located in downtown Milwaukee. Prior to that, I was the lead architect for Wells Fargo Advantage Funds. Before Wells Fargo, I was the Enterprise Architect for Strong Financial. Wells Fargo acquired Strong at the beginning of this year (2005) and most of us came along for the ride. Prior to Strong, I worked at Quad/Graphics and Marquette University.

For more information about me, visit my blog at or my other site at


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