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  • Apache Derby is a transactional, embeddable, pure-Java relational database, derived from the original Cloudscape codebase. Derby is lightweight enough to be embedded directly into Java applications and/or accessed remotely by multiple users connected to D

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October 3, 2006 is not available for now. Working on a server issue with the folks at TextDrive and so I’ve soft (HTTP 302) redirected to my blog for now. I’ve been able to import all the content using Aaron Brazell’s awesome WordPress-to-Wordpress import plugin that allows you to create an extended RSS export of your WordPress blog that can be sucked into another WordPress blog that’s self-hosted or on Thank god for automated, nightly MySQL backups scripts that backup my database, gzip the output and then gets scp’d down to my Linux box at home.  I know most if not all providers backup your content, database, etc but I always try to create my own backups so that I can restore if/when/where needed.  Cron, gzip, ssh/scp and mysqldump are your friends 🙂

All of the URL’s should clearly redirect and work but I am starting to look for a managed dedicated server ASAP.  Hope to have everything back to normal in the next few days.