Information overload + Blogs = BlogoSmog :)

February 2, 2006

I think I just coined a new term – BlogoSmog and I finally have a word that can win at Googlewhacking, for the next 10 minutes anyway. Back in the day, Googlewhacking was all the craze where those crazy kids would try to find a word or combination of words that would only appear once in a Google search. 🙂 Back to the point – Dion just wrote about ‘The Blog Reading Burnout Effect‘ and I have to agree. There are so many people out there writing really interesting stuff and I reached a point where I had subscribed to over 800 blogs and it just became impossible to read all of the blogs. Finally I trimmed the list down from 800 to about 200 and that is fairly manageable but I still have issues keeping up with that list.

My current pattern is to start with 10 or so sites (screenshot below) that aggregate the blogosphere and follow to the discussions and linked blogs and I find that I usually end up catching most of the good stuff. After that, I go back to FeedDemon and catch up on the rest of the blogs and I discover that I’ve already read about 50% of the blogs I am subscribed too.


Update: The list in the screenshot in HTML format is:

blogs, info+overload, feeddemon, ajaxian, tailrank, memeorandum, techcrunch, mashable, digg, tailrank,


2 Responses to “Information overload + Blogs = BlogoSmog :)”

  1. Allan Wick said

    Vinnie, have you looked at Blogbridge? It is a really good technology for sifting through a ton of RSS feeds to find relevant data.

    I have been using it for a few months now and love it.

  2. Hi Al and thanks. No – I haven’t looked at BlogBridge Looks really interesting and promising. Will check it out. Thanks and hope things are well at SpiderLogic.

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