Windows Live Mail – The emergence of a framework?

January 22, 2006

I’ve been following Microsoft’s launch of or Windows Live as it’s officially called and the other offerings included under I’ve raved about Windows Live Custom Domains and I finally got an invite to try out Live Mail. Live Mail is essentially a replacement for Hotmail and it is AJAX enabled with 3-panes ala Outlook with drag and drop capabilities and a snappy and responsive interface. Firefox support is there but it still needs some work while IE offers all of the rich functionality.

I am a loyal Google Mail user and so I am not planning on switching over any time soon but it’s great to see Microsoft up the ante in the free email space and compete with Google and Yahoo. I still haven’t seen Yahoo’s new AJAX enabled email client and so I cannot compare but GMail is still very robust and feature-rich in comparison to Live Mail. Live Mail is still in early beta and so I am hoping the feature-set keeps on growing and offer Google a compelling reason to keep on improving GMail.

Here are screenshots of Live Mail Beta in action. I’ll post more after I spend some time with it but the calendar feature looks very nice. While Google calendar is still missing in action, Live Mail does have a nice calendar feature that competes with some of the Web2.0 calendar apps out there.

  • The Mail page or your Inbox view:
  • The Compose New Mail Page:
  • The Calendar Page:

The one thing that’s really interesting to me is the emergence of as a portal framework with ASP.NET 2.0, WebParts and all the stuff. Once is actually live and if it ever gets out of beta (maybe that will be Web3.0 :)), it will be compelling development platform for people that use .NET for their development. And where does that leave SharePoint?

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15 Responses to “Windows Live Mail – The emergence of a framework?”

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  2. […] You can see some pictures of the interface on Vinny Carpenter’s blog and at Tipmonkies. […]

  3. Rafael said

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  4. Henry J. said

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  7. roy said

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  9. Rumit said

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