Coldplay on Austin City Limits

December 18, 2005

I just saw Coldplay on PBS’s Austin City Limits and they delivered an awesome show. Every since I found out about the taping via Coldplay’s mailing list, I had set every DVR in my house to take tape the show. Watching the hour-long concert in HD was awesome.

The show was very intimate and Chris Martin and gang did an impromptu tribute to Johnny Cash in the middle of the show. Then they brought out Michael Stipe (REM) as a special guest and they did 2 songs including REM’s Nightswimming, which Chris Martin called the greatest song ever written. He had some pretty funny banter through out the show. The funniest line was when he was introducing Michael Stipe – Chris said that they called Michael Bolton and he couldn’t make it and so they settled for Michael Stipe. It was funny – You had to be there.

The hour-long set was pretty standard with a mix of old and new with ‘Fix You’ closing out the set. Check out the ACL website for pictures and some behind-the-scene stuff including interviews.

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2 Responses to “Coldplay on Austin City Limits”

  1. Kenny Joo said

    It took some patience for me to find out that someone had actually taped this show. I was waiting to see them on PBS, but I idiotically forgot, then the other PBS channel we have aired it several weeks after, but me being idiotic again, forgot, and by the time I tuned in, it was half way in, I was sad, but it was great. I had missed the first half. Is there any way that I could possibly buy a copy off of you. I don’t know how this would work, getting copies of taped shows off a DVR. If you could help me out in any shape or form, that would be great, cuz I just LOVE Coldplay! I am willing to pay within a reasonable price. My email is provided. Thanx!

  2. Rachel said

    Curious if you have the set list from the show.


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