Blog Search Engineathon

September 28, 2005

Scoble inspired me to take a closer look at the results generated by the Feedsters, Technorati, Google and IceRockets of the world. Since I’m at BEAWorld 2005 this week and I just blogged about it, I figure I’ll see if I can find any other bloggers talking about the conference. Here are the results as of the time of this post:

I guess Blog searching is still not even close to an exact science. With XMLRPC pinging services like Ping-o-matic, why does these aggregators have different results?

BEAWorld, Feedster, Google, Technorati, Scoble, IceRocket

3 Responses to “Blog Search Engineathon”

  1. I wouldn’t rely on the number of results returned by Feedster. For example, check the same query now returns 311 results. I assume that means that 200 entries were deleted over the last week. If you click Next Next Next, you’ll find there’s not even 300.

  2. My experience testing blog search engines indicates that Google Blog Search returns the most comprehensive and accurate entries.

    See a live test at

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