Mailblocks continues to suck

July 21, 2005

This is getting really frustrating and I’m starting to sound like Hani, which is pretty scary 🙂  Mailblocks, the web-based mail service that I pay for is down again for the 2nd time this week for an extended period of time. I’m paying $25.00/year for this mail service and these guys can’t even keep their servers up. $25.00 is peanuts and I don’t care about the money but I need access to my email and that’s worth way more money to me.

Instead of offering details about the root cause, they have the standard lie about being down for a few moments. Take a look at this screenshot:

Ever since AOL has purchased them, they’ve completely gone downhill. I am demanding a full refund and requiring them to permanently forward my email to my Google Gmail account. Let’s see if they can make that happen.

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6 Responses to “Mailblocks continues to suck”

  1. Flavio said

    I am am having the same problem with my mailblocks account. It was down a few days ago and it is down again today! I am not going to renew my account and instead have it forwarded to my gmail account.

  2. Rob said

    Out of curiousity, why pay for email access?

  3. Hi Rob. I only paid for Mailblocks because I assumed (wrongly) that paying for it would mean more reliability. Boy was I wrong. In Mailblocks’s defense, I’ve only had 1 major extended outage in the past 3 years since this week. This week has been horrible.

  4. Flavio said

    I signed up for it because of the response-challenge system. Many of the free email providers have added spam filters. Google’s spam filter is quite good and had Gmail been around…I would have never signed up for Mailblocks. I have had minor outages before but 2 outages in one week is too much. I depend on my email…fortunately, I started moving all my mail to my gmail account before mailblocks started acting up.

  5. Jaezip said

    Hey Mailblocks Subsribers:

    Not only have I experience MB slow email delivery (up to 24 hours), but now unknown emailers don’t receive the challenge response and the only solution Mailblocks has come up with is to totally turn off the “trusted sender” list so EVERTYONE who sends me an email (know and unknown persons) gets the CR…. this sucks! I reluctantly renewed my subscription, but am now sorry… MB has the worst tech support and they lie about their service.

  6. Spam Arrest is offering Mailblocks customers a 90 Free Trial of Spam Arrest, if they use the following Link:

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