Disappointed at JavaOne

June 29, 2005

I have to say that I have been disappointed with the quality of technical sessions at this year’s JavaOne so far. It may be that I’m picking sessions that suck – But every session I’ve been so far hasn’t gotten me excited about the topic. All the talks I’ve attended so far have been PowerPoint presentation that I could have looked at on my own time. I’m here because I want to learn something new and my ideal technical session would be where the presenter spends a few minutes with PowerPoint slides and then fires up an IDE and writes code. Show me what you’ve got – Don’t bore me with PowerPoint that’s going to put me to sleep. Another disappointing thing is all the new ‘stuff’ that’s interesting is a year away from being GA. Sure I can play with JAX-WS 2.0 today but I have real problems that I need to solve today and I want to know how to solve them today and not wait for a solution that’s a year away.


4 Responses to “Disappointed at JavaOne”

  1. Steve Ryner said

    That’s what JavaOne is like. You get a chance to see stuff that won’t be generally used for a year or more. Hit the BOF sessions, they are going to be more what you want.

  2. Rob said

    Agreed 100% – the more code and demo in a presentation, the better. Powerpoint should only be for the high level overview and serve as a highlight, not the main focus.

  3. JavaOne Attendee said

    I would recommend spending most of you time in the vendor showcase pounding the floor. You get free swag, free drinks and some of the best chances to network with people in the industry. You want to get ahead? Play the politics. That’s where it is at.

  4. I am not at JavaOne this year but my experience last year was similar. I enjoyed the week long in San Fran and also the nightlife with all the free beer. As far as learning something, I think other conferences are a better choice. I’m a big fan of the NoFluffJustStuff series that goes to various cities each year. I’m also going to try to attend TSS Symposium next winter. I’d much prefer that over the Java landscape according to Sun(AKA JavaOne).

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