JavaOne – Day 0

June 27, 2005

Flew into San Francisco yesterday early enough to attend some of the festivities going on around JavaOne. Apparently Market Street was blocked off for the Pride Parade and I missed all the excitement. After registration, we headed down to the NetBeans Day to check out the latest happenings on the NetBeans front. This event was at the Argent hotel and it was a full house. Not being a NetBeans user, it was just interesting but the one cool thing was the demo of the Matisse GUI builder that looked pretty cool. The layout manager issues that usually bites people seem to have been solved – Time will tell. A bunch of us were stalking James Gosling as he was hanging outside. We even got James to post for a picture with Darcy, Troy’s wife. Can you just imagine the scene? Four geeks with camera phones trying to take a picture and James scoffs at our camera phone. His comment was and I quote, “Does anyone have a real camera, one that doesn’t suck?” 🙂 We did find a real camera and got some neat pictures. Will post them here once the GE guys ship them over.

After NetBeans, we headed down to the Alumni Fireside chat, which turned out to be a pretty fun event. This was an open forum for developers to ask questions of the experts from Sun and there were some tough questions. It was interesting to see the interest in J2ME, which I’ve always dismissed, as an early-access thing and nothing real. There were a lot of hints about new announcements coming this week. Quite a few people took shots at the Microsoft-Sun love affair and the interoperability track. I for one think interoperability is important and most enterprises have .NET and Java and they need to play together.

It was funny to see AJAX everywhere 🙂


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