JavaOne sessions I’ll attend

June 24, 2005

Ok – I think I finally have the list whittled down to just the JavaOne sessions I want to or need to attend. I’ve got the duplicates down to a minimum and now just need to figure out which BOF’s I can blow off to attend some of the vendor parties and catch-up with friends or make new friends over beer.

I was disappointed that the JavaOne schedule site hosted by didn’t have a HTML export or publish to your blog or RSS/ATOM feed of your schedule. Why don’t we eat our own dog food and use technology for these things? Here’s my lame attempt to have Excel spit out an HTML document from the CSV.

One Response to “JavaOne sessions I’ll attend”

  1. cobbie said

    Generics Do’s and Don’ts. Hmm… Do know what they are, how to use them, and that they exist. Don’t bother using them, because its all smoke and mirrors anyways. Just another thing to make your life complex that can easily be avoided. After all, most IDE’s can with a couple of keystrokes add the missing cast. Or do you see other benefits beyond typing help? (

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