The House Carpenter’s Daughter by Natalie Merchant

May 9, 2004

The House Carpenter’s Daughter by Natalie Merchant is the first release on Merchant’s own indie label, Myth America. This album is very different from previous music by Natalie Merchant. This album is described as a collection of traditional & contemporary folk music.

I was a little skeptical about this album as I am not a country music fan at all. I don’t mind folk music but I was afraid that this album might be ‘too country’. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really took to this album and have this CD in my car CD changer and my iPod playlist. In addition to the music, I also love the liner notes that are included where Natalie explains what folk music means to her. She also goes into detail about each of the songs, its origin, and roots and how they came to be.

One of the things that’s not different from any of her other albums and that’s her beautiful voice. Natalie’s pure, beautiful and distinct voice is still the same and this album has really grown on me. It’s different from her other material but I love the musical arrangements, the vocals and the humor, sadness and the stories in these songs.


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