Me & Mr Johnson by Eric Clapton

May 9, 2004

Me & Mr JohnsonMe & Mr Johnson by Eric Clapton is a tribute album to singer-guitarist-songwriter Robert Johnson. I am big fan of the blues and a huge Eric Clapton fan but I must admit to only knowing about Robert Johnson in passing. In the liner notes, Eric Clapton writes that he has been driven and influenced all his life with the work of Robert Johnson.

On this album, Eric Clapton covers 14 of the 29 songs Robert Johnson wrote in his career. In reading the reviews on Amazon, it’s pretty clear that a lot of the Robert Johnson fans aren’t very satisfied with Eric Clapton’s tribute. Being a relative newbie to the music of Robert Johnson, I have to say I really liked this CD. I love blues and I love Eric Clapton and I think of this as a good Eric Clapton CD.

The one thing that this album did was make me interested in learning more about Robert Johnson. I am going to buy his The Complete Recordings Boxset to really appreciate this giant of blues music.


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