Sony Breaks Ground With New PDA

July 20, 2003

– Just reading about the new PDA from Sony called the PEG-UX50 . The PEG-UX50 is the latest beautiful PDA from Sony running Palm’s OS (v5) with built-in support for 802.11b WiFi and Bluetooth. This PDA also includes a 0.3 megapixel digital camera that supports up to VGA (640×480) resolution. You can also record and play back video (MPEG4, 30 fps, 160×112).

The new screen design features a high-resolution 480×320 display. The screen also lifts to expose the keyboard, or swivels to hide the keyboard and use as a touch screen. Pretty neat design that’s unique to the Clie line. Wired News also has a pretty neat review/article titled Sony Breaks Ground With New PDA

This new PDA is priced at $700.00 which is pretty much in line with the standard WiFi PDA’s from Toshiba and Compaq/HP. $700.00 is pretty pricey for a PDA as I just read this article on The Register about a $799.00 tablet PC. I also remember when Lindows first announced their $799.00 laptop. Pretty bizarre. PDA and laptops are really the same price. Laptops has a much better form-factor and aren’t as ‘input disabled’ as typical PDA’s. What’s a geek to do? 🙂


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