JBoss Chooses Java Data Objects

June 26, 2003

This is a pretty interesting development. BEA and IBM have decided to not support JDO as part of their J2EE offering. If JBoss decides on using JDO for their persistence strategy, the move could validate the JDO die-hards and offer an truly viable open-source JDO product.

I’m also interested to see if JDO continue to mature inside Sun. For a while, it was pretty obvious Sun couldn’t figure out how to position JDO as it competed directly with the CMP. BEA made it pretty clear at eWorld that they had no intention of supporting JDO. With all the engineering effort in supporting Entity bean (CMP & BMP), JDBC and Rowsets, I can see how it would be difficult to support another persistence spec. But this would be a big misstep for BEA if JDO is widely accepted.

All these specs.. ahhhhh.. Its like the old Chinese curse (or is it a blessing?) May you live in interesting times. I think we are 🙂


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